ISG Funding Criteria

Eligibility Requirements for ISG to Secure Funding from ISACA Sri Lanka

To qualify for funding opportunities from ISACA Sri Lanka, it is imperative to attain a minimum of 75 points as stipulated by the ISACA Student Groups (ISG). The detailed breakdown of these points is provided herewith. While stringent criteria have been meticulously established, it is important to note that the chapter reserves the prerogative to exercise sole discretion in specific circumstances. This allowance is made with due consideration for the unique context and exigencies inherent to each situation.

Funding requests necessitate the submission of a thorough project proposal, endorsed by the designated lecturer, to the ISACA Sri Lanka Chapter no later than 30 days before the scheduled commencement of the project. Approval of the proposal is contingent upon the endorsement of the ISG lecturer in charge.

# Area Description Points
1 Financial Plan Comprehensive documentation encompassing budget details, costs, and a detailed breakdown, along with relevant information 15 points
2 Project Plan Encompasses a detailed description of the project, outlining its execution strategy and other relevant details. 20 points
3 Project Impact Evaluation of the overall effects and influence of the project on its intended targets and the broader community. 10 points
4 ISG Collaboration Involves partnership initiatives and joint efforts facilitated by ISG to enhance engagement, knowledge sharing, and collective achievements within the cybersecurity community. 15 points
5 New Project Ideas Proposals for innovative and impactful projects that can be explored and implemented by ISG. 15 Points
6 Approval from ISG Lecturer-in-Charge Correspondence from the designated ISG faculty lecturer overseeing the ISG Chapter. 10 Points
7 Project Impact Consideration will be given to the potential impact of the project proposal on ISG group members and the broader community. The expected benefits should be clearly articulated. 15 Points

Projects Funded by ISACA Sri Lanka in 2023