Discount Voucher Program

ISACA Sri Lanka's Discount Voucher Program is an exclusive benefit provided to eligible members of ISACA Sri Lanka as well as non-members. The program offers members and non-members the opportunity to receive discounts on products and services from participating vendors. This initiative is a strategic move by ISACA Sri Lanka to not only provide tangible value to its members but also to expand its member base by providing an opportunity for non-members to experience the benefits of being associated with ISACA Sri Lanka. The following terms and conditions apply to the Discount Voucher Program for both members and non-members.

Statistics from the Program

Program Name Test Date Registrations Attempted Test Awarded
Round 1 April 05, 2023 181 55 April 10, 2023

Summary of Existing Vouchers

Program Name Total  Released Remaining Exam Passed
ISACA Supported 20 20 0 Not Available
Sponsor Supported 0 0 0 Not Available
Corporate Sponsors 1 0 1 Not Available

Percentages of Marks for the selection Criteria of Discount Voucher Program

# Focus Group Description % Allocated
1 Selection Exam Candidates Passing the Selection Exam conducted by the Chapter is a requirement. 40%
2 ISACA Sri Lanka Volunteers Current and Ex candidates are eligible for a percentage score based on their years of service, with 5% being awarded for each year and a maximum of 25% overall. 25%
3 Employees of Corporate Sponsor Corporate Exclusive & Platinum Sponsors - 15%
Corporate Gold Sponsor - 10%
Corporate Silver Sponsor - 7%
Other Sponsors - 5%
4 ISACA Sri Lanka Members 0.5% for each year of Membership and maximum 7.5% 7.5%
5 Executives & Volunteers of ISACA MOU Partners For each year of volunteering, up to a maximum of 5%, endorsement from MOU Partner Executives is required. 5%
6 ISACA Student Group Office Bearers The eligibility of Current and Ex candidates will require confirmation from the Director in charge of Academic Relations. 2.5%
7 Candidates with Experience & #SheLeadTech Those who pass the exam can receive certification if they meet the eligibility criteria, which includes a potential experience score of up to 5%, with 1% being awarded for each year of experience. However, female candidates are guaranteed to receive the full 5% regardless of their years of experience. 5%

Discount Voucher Program Updates

Voucher Program 1

April 2023

(20 Vouchers Issued)


Selection Round 1 for the Discount Voucher Program will be on Monday, April 03, 2023.

We are planning to conduct the exam using the Kahoot! Platform. If anyone is not familiar with Kahoot! please visit here and try it for yourselves : Test Kahoot!

Please note the following:

  1. Test is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, April 5, 2023 (Poya Day) from 6 PM to 7 PM
  2. Exam link will be shared by 5:50 PM on the same day, as a LinkedIn Post.
  3. Please use your Mobile Number to join the session (10 Digits “07XXXXXXXX”, Failing to do so will not be qualified for the vouchers, voucher will be shared to the respective Mobile Number via SMS)
  4. Few tips
    1. Try the Test Kahoot! to be familiar with the platform
    2. There will be no time limits for questions
    3. Previous questions will not be available upon your selection of the answers
    4. Answer as much as questions possible (We are working on making 100+ questions available)
    5. Please note that the questions may not be directly related to the respective Certifications Exams. Due to the Copyrights, we will refrain from using ISACA’s Questions, Answers and Explanations Databases.
  5. Team will work on the selection and share the results on or before Monday, April 10, 2023. We’ll be issuing 20 Vouchers at the first round.
  6. Any voucher which is not been used to register for an exam on or before May 15, 2023 will be reissued to the next candidate in the list.

Link to Exam

Test Link

(Link will be closed at 7:00 PM, April 05, 2023)